Metabolically Healthy Obesity – A Myth or a Reality?


In my post titled What is obesity – is it merely about BMI? I had discussed, how obesity is defined, the composition of the human body, and fat patterning as well as factors affecting total body fat and fat patterning. Obesity is now recognized as a serious chronic disease; in my post titled Is obesity a disease or a risk factor for other conditions? I had discussed the magnitude of obesity and why obesity is associated with so much ill-health. In my post, Complications of obesity: the mother of all diseases, I had discussed the various health complications associated with obesity. However, there are no easy solutions to obesity, and managing your body weight is challenging at the best of times. In my post titled Weight Loss Maintenance After Weight Loss, I had discussed how over the long term, the vast majority of individuals regain the weight they have lost and that this relapse has a strong physiological basis and is not simply the result of the voluntary resumption of old habits. In my last post, Does obesity hit a point of no return? I had discussed the prospects of long-term success in weight loss maintenance. In the backdrop of the difficulties in maintaining weight loss, I had suggested that emphasis should be on measuring metabolic health and NOT weight. Therefore, in this post, I will discuss the concept of metabolically healthy obesity and debate as to whether it is a myth or a reality.

An obese man running with dumbbells in hands.
An obese man running with dumbbells in hand
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